A Lebanese kick boxing champion, born in Lagos Nigeria on March 16, 1974. Lived there for 13 years before moving to Las Palmas Canary Islands where he spent five years, after which, he moved to Lebanon where he still lives.

Alan is an outgoing, creative, innovative and inspirational leader. Currently he is a Campus Activities Associate Manager, a certified NLP Practitioner, a Motivational Speaker, an Internet Marketing Advisor, and a Self-defense, Survival and MMA trainer.

Intrigued by the human mind and the way people think, Alan constantly strives to help improve society.

He has led numerous survival, and soft skill training workshops, large scale environmental campaigns and humanitarian events.
In 2017 and 2015 he trained and led a team on expeditions to the top of Mount Elbrus and Mount Kilimanjaro the highest mountains in Europe and Africa as part of awareness and fund-raising events for children with cancer and the development of an exoskeleton project for people with disabilities.