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Alan Kairouz is a Certified Master Neuro-linguistic Practitioner, experienced in Hypnotherapy, and Timeline Therapy. He is a Motivational Speaker, an Internet Marketing Advisor, Entrepreneurship Coach and a Self-defense, Survival and MMA trainer.

With over 20 years of program management experience, Alan Kairouz has planned, organized, and facilitated countless survival, soft and hard skills training workshops, large scale environmental campaigns and humanitarian events, with NGOs, businesses and educational institutions.

Alan Kairouz is an outgoing, creative, innovative and inspirational leader. Currently he leads the Student Life Office at the Lebanese American University.

Alan constantly strives to help improve society and communities. He has organized and led numerous projects in Lebanon and abroad that target community welfare and development.

Since 2014 he has coached, trained and led teams on expeditions to some of the highest mountains in the world, as part of overcoming mental, physical and psychological challenges. The expeditions also aimed at raising awareness and funds for children with cancer and the development of an exoskeleton for people with disabilities.