Carolle Estephane

If someone asked me what it meant to persevere, I would think back to Kilimanjaro. You were sick and yet somehow you managed to remain positive for the team and get to the peak.

You taught us so many things just by being an example. You would give up your blanket because you thought someone needed it more. You would be there for everyone to guide them but at the same time you would let them figure things out on their own.

If anyone asked me what an open door policy is, I would think Alan Kairouz because never once in my 5 years at university have i been to your office and found you too busy to say hi. By just passing by to greet you, i end up learning a lot of cool things. I always left your office with one more piece of information or one needed piece of advise.

You have honestly, helped a lot of people at LAU and i know this because I'm a student and i get to hear what other students think of you.

Without your encouragement, i would never have gone to Kilimanjaro, i would have missed a once in a lifetime experience and due to that encouragement i found my voice to say i want to do this. I found the part of me that is ready for any challenge. For that I thank you.

In short, Alan Kairouz is a leader that knows what compassion means. A leader that leads by example and brings the best out of those around him. He is also a person that knows how to never give up and when it is best to let go. He is a mentor, a philanthropist but most of all a great friend.


Carolle Estephane


Carolle Estephane