Alan Kairouz


A Lebanese kick boxing champion, born in Lagos Nigeria on March 16, 1974. Lived there for 13 years before moving to Las Palmas Canary Islands where he spent five years, after which, he moved to Lebanon where he still lives. Alan is an outgoing, creative, innovative and inspirational leader. Currently he is a Senior Student life Project Manager, a certified NLP Practitioner, a Motivational Speaker, an Internet Marketing Advisor, and a Self-defense, Survival and MMA trainer. Intrigued by the human mind and the way people think, Alan constantly strives to help improve society. He has led numerous survival, and soft skill training workshops, large scale environmental campaigns and humanitarian events. In 2015, 2017 and 2019 he trained and led a team on expeditions to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Elbrus and Peak Lenin, some of the  highest mountains in world as part of awareness and fund-raising events for children with cancer and the development of an exoskeleton project for people with disabilities. In 2018, he organized and led a huge team of volunteers from all over Lebanon to build the first ever Phoenician ship out of used plastic bottles and sailed it across the coast of Lebanon, as an environmental campaign against pollution in Lebanon.

Cover Letter

I am capable of handling various tasks with great organizational skills, mainly because of many years of experience in different fields. I love challenges and I have a high endurance capacity. Moreover, I am very patient and carefully consider my decisions and tend to speak only when necessary.

Besides having multi task capabilities, I have high confidentiality manners, am trust worthy, self-motivated with a charismatic personality that aids in facilitating and coordinating tasks on all levels.

I have proven myself as a good leader, a motivational speaker, creative thinker, a great mentor and coach, and excellent team player in various fields.

Further to my never ending habit of acquiring knowledge in any necessary field, I am a fast learner, an efficient planner and hard worker who often exceeds the job requirements.


  • To work in a dynamic environment with growth potential, where creativity, team spirit, hard work, dedication and sincerity are appreciated.
  • To help make this world a better place, through coaching, mentoring and guiding leaders of the younger generation.
  • To achieve the required goals of my employer.
  • To reach out to my own fulfillment and self-growth.

Work Experience

  • Senior Student Life Project Manager (Oct. 2019), Campus Activities Associate Manager (Oct. 2015), Senior Program Coordinator (Oct. 2014), Lead Program Coordinator(Sept. 2012), Program Coordinator(Aug. 2011); Promoted four times within 8 years (LAU policy: any promotion may take place only after 3 years). Head of the Student Life office, Report directly to the Dean of Students and on certain projects to the Vice President of Student Development and Enrollment Management; fully plan, organize and follow up with my team on workshops and major projects; responsible for administrative works, for non-academic disciplinary follow ups & actions; orient new students, coach, mentor, motivate, advice and attend to their social and personal problems; produce recreational programs, retreats, cultural events and assemblies, advisor to the Student Governance Council, and follow up on insuring students abide by the University’s rules and bylaws. Lebanese American University, August 2011 till present.
  • Internet Marketing Consultant, research and analyze the internet market business for companies and provide detailed analysis and marketing plans. Free-lance work. September 2013, till present.
  • Street Mixed Martial Arts Instructor, trained students of the ages 14 and above on self-defense techniques. Haigazian University 2008-2010, Kabas Sport Center 2009 – 2013, Liwa’ Martial Arts Center 2010.
  • Chairman of the Administrative Council (elected twice), reported to the president of the University, planed, organized and chaired Administrative and Staff meetings, set and prepared the agenda, followed up on administrative/staff concerns, suggestions and difficulties within the University. Haigazian University, 2004 – 2006.
  • Graphic Designer and E-Commerce (Free Lancer), 2004 till present.
  • Assistant Director of Student Affairs, report to the Student Affairs Director; fully plan, organize and follow up on workshops and major projects; responsible for administrative works, for non-academic disciplinary actions and insurance; orient new students, coach, motivate, advice and attend to students social, personal and academic problems; produce recreational programs, retreats, cultural events and assemblies; edit, design and publish the yearly Student Handbook; prepare yearly budget; as well as provide housing and food facilities. Haigazian University, August 2002 till August 2011.
  • Acting Director of Student Affairs, Managed and improved on the Student Life Office till the Student Life Director returned from his sabbatical leave, Haigazian University, August 2001 – August 2002 .
  • Administrative and Assistant Manager, reported to the Branch Manager; closed accounts, payroll, general vouchers and daily cash; analyzed for future plans, checked on stock; supervised and followed up on 200 employees’ discipline, absence, insurance and health issues; attended to filing and to customer and/or employee complaints. United Company for Central Markets (Previously known as ‘COOP of Lebanon’): Branch Galaxy, November 1999 till July 21, 2001.
  • Assistant Nurse and Assistant Head of Security, Mandatory Military Service, Superior military Sport Center, December 1998 till September 1999.
  • Supervisor & Sales Representative, Mas Y Mas Supermarket, December 1994 till September 1998.
  • Supervisor, Organizer & Stock-keeper, Willmar Imp. – Exp. sarl. Tires, September 1992 till October 1994.


Certified Training

  • Certified Life Coach (Neuro Linguistic Programing Practitioner), American Board of NLP (ABNLP), practitioner certified worldwide to coach, guide and help people with Anxiety, Stress, Negotiations, Businesses, Phobia, Family Problems, General Well Being, Relationships, Learning, Sports, etc., August 29, 2015.
  • Effective Leader Manager, Corporate Coach Group in London. Training covered: Time Management, Delegation, Decision Making, Personal Management, Inspirational Leadership, Action Planning, Clear Goals, Clear Communication, Accurate Definitions, Critic vs. Cynic, Managing Conflict, Objective Language, Reason vs. Excuse. March 2014.
  • Certified kickboxing Judge, Lebanese Federation of Kickboxing Savate (LFKS). 2003.
  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Formatech Network Training Center, certificate of achievement, September

Major Projects

  • The Trireme 2017 – 2018; Organized and led a team of hundreds of volunteers from all around the country, Government officials, municipalities, NGOs, Schools, Scouts and Businesses to build the first of its kind Phoenician ship out of over 20,000 used plastic bottles, that sailed the Lebanese coast. This environmental campaign, under the theme “Reviving our Heritage, Saving Our Environment” was mainly focused on raising awareness of the ever growing plastic dilemma and pollution in the country.
  • Fundraising Motor Shows 2015, 2016; Planned, organized motor shows with different car companies in order to raise funds to support other major projects.
  • Never Give Up” Project 2014 – 2019; Orchestrated a grand campaign that involved developing a brand new kind of exo-skeleton for the famous and three times world record holder, Michael Haddad, and to help paralyzed people walk again in the future. Brought together students from the School of Engineering, Medicine, Nutrition, Architecture & Design, and Arts & Sciences. Each working based on their own expertise.To help raise funds for the project and raise awareness, I trained a team of 7 members that climbed Mount Kilimanjaro as a sign of hope, persistence and team work. Media on many levels were and continue to highlight the progress.
  • Commencement Ceremony program 2012 till recent; Planned settings, provided audio visual material and trained staff, faculty and student volunteers to guide, facilitate and accommodate around 4,000 family members and friends per ceremony.
  • Student Honor Society Ceremony 2012 till 2016; Planned settings, planned organized and installed sound system, provided audio visual material and trained volunteers to guide, facilitate and accommodate up to 2,000 family and friends.
  • Rally Paper 2012 till 2016; organized and implemented Rally Paper contests for University students that covered areas around Lebanon. Prizes offered, valued up to $12,000. Involved were embassies, municipalities from the different parts of Lebanon, companies sponsoring the event, university staff and student volunteers.
  • Children in-need Sponsoring Program 2011; finding potential benefactors in Lebanon and abroad, to sponsor children in need from the various orphanages and institutes. This event required inviting potential sponsors to attend organized presentations and short publications about these children and their family situations, and continuous follow up on sponsors and NGOs.
  • Theatrical Productions 2002 till 2011; Managed and supervised nine major theatrical productions at public theaters in Lebanon. Plays such as “Noises Off”, “Antigone”, “4 Lawannous”, “The Dinner Party”, “Come Back Tomorrow”; etc.
  • Women Self-defense workshops 2009 – 2018; Organized and trained women street self-defense workshops for university students and scouts.
  • Anti-Littering Campaigns 2010, 2012; Campaign in collaboration with Sukleen and other NGOs and with the involvement of volunteers from various NGO’s, Universities and Schools. Besides the cleaning of huge areas in Lebanon, the main purpose of this event was to raise public awareness that “It isn’t a shame to clean, but it is a shame to litter”. This project also helped volunteers understand and appreciate those who keep our streets clean.
  • Anti-Deforestation Campaign 2010; completely covering a six stories building with A4 papers as a recycling, reusing awareness campaign. The purpose of this project is to show how much paper is used per week and accordingly how many trees are being cut down to manufacture these papers.
  • Administering Vaccines 2009; Vaccines and medical checkups were provided to orphans and less fortunate children in Beirut regions. The project involved the ministry of Health in Lebanon, NGOs, doctors and University volunteers.
  • Water Testing and Safety Awareness 2008; Organized, planned and implemented water tests in over 600 homes, Greater Beirut area. The purpose of this was to verify if water in these areas was safe to drink. This project involved test labs, the Municipality, and student volunteers from Haigazian University.
  • Kermes for Children with Cancer 2004; Helped with initiating and consulting “Tufula” NGO organization and in the planning of one of the biggest kermes for children with cancer in Lebanon.
  • Orphan Fairs 2002-2018; Organized 8 fairs for over 5,500 orphans and needy children from around all parts of Lebanon. The fairs were enriched with fun games, music, dancing, meals and gifts that the children could take home.
  • Building Renovation; Organized and led renovation projects for schools and clinics in several parts in Lebanon.
      • School in terrible shape in one of the poorest areas, Bibneen, Akkaar, December 2009; Blat, May 2017; and Bintael, Byblos region, May 2019.
      • Clinic for the needy in Marjaayoun, February 2007.
      • School for the poor “Baraim Al Aqsa”, Shatila (Palestinian Camp), December 2005.
  • Necessities Distribution; Motivate clubs and students to raise funds through activities and events. With funds raised necessities are distributed to people in dire need.
      • To over 2,000 needy families all around Lebanon each year during winter from 2011 till 2019.
      • To the needy in Beirut region during winters, December 2007, February 2008.
      • To over a hundred poor and elderly homes, South Lebanon, February 2007

Organized Workshops

  • Your Life’s Cookbook – A motivational formula to help students plan their future, May 2016
  • Survival Training Workshops, trainings and Camps for schools and universities – 2003 till 2015
  • Up-cycling Workshop – March 2011
  • Climate Change Workshop – April 2010
  • Team Building Workshop – 2009 till 2013
  • Environmental Awareness Workshop – 2009 till 2011
  • State of Mind and Panic Control Workshop – 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013
  • Volunteering Workshop – 2006
  • Conflict Resolution Workshop – 2005, 2013, 2014, 2015

Details of workshops provided upon request


  • Haigazian University Student Handbook 2002-2011; Organized, planned, edited and designed in full. The student Handbook is a yearly publication that contains an agenda and is a general guide book for all students, faculty and staff.
  • Haigazian University Yearbook 2002 – 2011;
    Organized, supervised and in some instances designed the University’s yearbook.


  • English – V.Good
  • Spanish – Fine
  • Arabic – Good

Intellectual Skills

  • Good Organizational and Interpersonal Skills.
  • Innovative, Ambitious, Analytical, and performs well under Pressure.
  • Great in improvisational and creative skills.

Physical Skills

  • Observant
  • Good craftsman
  • Athletic

Computer Skills

  • MS Project Management
  • Windows Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Movie Maker, FrontPage)
  • Adobe (Photoshop, In-design, Illustrator)
  • Quark-Xpress
  • Camtasia Studio



References upon your request.

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